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Condé Nast Traveler 2016.09.02

With Fly-Tot, Your Baby Might Actually Sleep Like a Baby on a Plane

Our new favorite gadget essentially creates business class for your toddler.

It's rare that a trip to Paris sounds like a bad idea—but when you have a two-year-old squirming and screaming on a seven-hour flight, there's no eden worth the hassle. have a trick stashed in your carry-on.


Babyology 2016.06.21

Fly-Tot - an inflatable child's cushion for long haul flights

In a few weeks I will be on a long haul flight with my one and four-year-old, to say I am nervous is an understatement. With our departure date getting closer by the day, I have been on a search for all tips, tricks and products to make the whole adventure easier. When I stumbled on the Fly-Tot I was beyond excited and took a big breath of relief.